Testimonial #1

I usually get cold sores quite frequently, so I have used a few different existing cold sore products.

One day, I ran into Brian at church and after speaking, he gave me the TriClara formulation to try. I’m so glad, because no sooner had I applied the product that the pain subsided and in only one day, the swelling went down! Now, I always keep TriClara on hand. Thank you, thank you!!

Testimonial #2

I woke up with two distinct cold sores on my lower lip. I started treatment mid-afternoon of Day 1 with a total of ten applications while awake. The pain subsided noticeably after the very first application. Wow!

By Day 2 the blisters shrunk and were almost gone. On Day 4 scabs formed and on Day 5 they came off in the shower. Being an experienced user of other products currently on the market, I definitely recommend this product.

Testimonial #3

Thank you so much for your miracle medicine, usually my cold sores last 2 weeks beginning to end. The second day my lip always swells up. That usually lasts 3-5 days then it starts drying out and I pick on it for a while until it is fully gone.

With this miracle medicine, my lips never swelled up and it is almost gone! WOW!!!!!!!!

Testimonial #4

Great product. Been dealing with cold sores since high school (I’m now over 42) and this is the first product that actually speeds up the recovery process and doesn’t make it look like I ate a handful of powdered donuts.

I noticed a cold sore on Sunday and was not at home for several hours. When I got home, I started using Abreva. In the past, my doctor prescribed Acyclovir but it was too late. My doctor said he wanted me to try TriClara and would bring a sample the next day. I picked it up Tuesday and immediately applied the product. It worked great even a day and half after the cold sore started. I saw significant improvement by the end of the week and the cold sore was completely gone by Sunday. Nice work!


Testimonial #5

Been using this cold sore medication for the past year or so. I use it at the first sign of one starting, which is normally a tingle on my lip. I applied the medication several times a day. The cold sore doesn’t even come up………… Bob

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