TriClara has you & your cold sore covered

TriClara® isn’t a typical cold sore formulation’ company looking to make a buck off your infectious outbreak. We are real people who experience the discomfort and embarrassment of HSV-1, just like you.

We were tired of waiting 10-15 days for a sore to clear up and wanted to create a faster, more aesthetically pleasing solution. We hated the white cream, Band-Aids and blisters. Just like you we would avoid cameras, events and snuggling up to our significant others. Having an outbreak felt more like an insurmountable barrier between us and our life, rather than a common, short-lived annoyance. So, we took all the things we hated about typical OTC cold sore formulations and came up with a better solution: TriClara®.

TriClara® is a topical cold sore formulation that treats and clears cold sores faster. Optimally when applied as directed that is 8 times every two hours daily a cold sore clears up in 1-3 days (rather than 10-15!).

TriClara® is a clear formulation. No one wants visible cream on top of a cold sore, so TriClara® goes on clear and stays transparent all day. TriClara® begins working hard immediately. At the first feeling of a tingle, TriClara® begins to alleviate the symptoms and starts clearing the cold sore. Working through all stages of a cold sore, TriClara® beats the competition by relieving symptoms and restoring a healthy lip.

If like us, you are tired of the same old routine with cold sore treatment, TriClara® is the effective formulation for clearing your cold sores.

R. DaSilva, MD

The TriClara team would like to honor a distinguished physician Dr. DaSilva, an integral member of our early team whose passing saddened us and who wasn’t able to witness the launch of TriClara that he facilitated. Dr. DaSilva was the first physician who dispensed our initial formulation and stated with enthusiasm, “You have a formulation that really works, you should develop & market it”. We will always be grateful for his contribution support, advice and feedback. He is remembered by his family, patients, friends and us forever.